.NET Core Backend Engineer

  • Full-time
  • Tech
  • Hanoi


As a member of Crossian Technology Department, you would catchup with team on project you're doing daily, gathering updates from other products to stay tune with the whole eco-system.

We're also developing an eco-system around international e-commerce which include products for Storefront, Payment Gateway, Inventory, Catalogs, Logistics, Marketing Insights, CRM ... And we could name a few:

Build a SaaS storefront solution.

Centralize payment gateways for managing transactions and issues.

Integrate multiple 3rd services for running a full supply-chain services including inventory, catalogs, logistics monitoring etc...

Transform raw data from marketing campaigns. transactions, users behaviors etc to insights which are helpful and valuable for businesses operation.

And many more are waiting for your contributions.

Along with development work, you also need to collaborate closely with business operators to understand their problems in their particular divisions. Therefore, with technical perspective, you would suggest them with solution for helping them better and better everyday.


Bachelor’s degree in computer programming, computer science, or a related field

At least 2+ years of development experience in the related field

At least 1+ years of development experience in Cloud Native Computing

C#, .Net, ASP.Net Core, Core, Entity Framework Core, LINQ

Relational database modeling & design (Postgres / MySQL)

Document DB modeling & design (Elasticsearch, MongoDB,..)

Object Storages (S3, Minio, GCS)

Message Queues (KAFKA, SQS, Pubsub)

Proficient knowledge of Clean Architecture, DDD, TDD, SOLID & SOA/Microservices

Knowledge of design, coding principles (e.g: clean code, DRY/KISS, SOLID)

Solid understanding of OOP, DI concepts

Ready to disrupt the world in the next 3 years to become the leader in e-commerce

Preferred (but not required)

DevOps, SysOps in AWS and CI/CD experience

HTML5/CSS3, JS/Typescript, React.js/Vue.js, Node.js

English proficiency


  • Competitive salary (100% salary during probation)
  • Bonus:

-         13th-month salary

-         Performance bonus

-         Premium health insurance for employees

-         Lunch/ Drink/ Snack allowance (70$/month)

-        Annual company trip (budget up to $1200), team building (120$/year), engagement events/ activities

  • Clear career roadmap, chance to be promoted and rotated.
  • High-end working environment (central location, modern equipment, lunch/ drink/ snack).
  • 20 days of work from home and 12 annual leaves per year.
  • Premium healthcare insurance
  • Annual health check-up 
  • Fair, transparent and open working environment/ culture