Finance Specialist

  • Full-time
  • Revenue
  • Yokohama HQ

Description - 役割について

Flow is one of the most dynamic startups in retail technology, powering some of the most innovative and complex retailers. We power companies like Tumi, Baycrews, Triumph and Toys R Us to help them realize their ambitions. 

Flow is making the complexities of retail simple for the fastest-growing, most ambitious brands in the world. With access to massive amounts of data and great passion for our craft, we have a big mission and we are working hard to realize it. 

Flow’s mission is to make retail better for everyone. To deliver on that promise, we’re building a smart retail platform to help retailers deliver superb customer Res both online and offline.

A successful Finance Specialist in our company in an all-rounder. From implementing improvements to how we handle finance to using financial management knowledge to perform cost analyses, prepare budget reports and evaluate current accounting trends. You should also advise our senior management team on decisions in alignment with business objectives and fundraising initiatives.

Ultimately, you should recommend, design and monitor short-term and long-term financial strategies for our company.

私たちFlow Solutionsは、小売技術のスタートアップ企業の中でも、最もダイナミックな企業の1つであり、革新的かつ複雑な小売業界において、常にリテーラーの力になりたいと考えています。

今現在、 Tumi、Baycrews、Triumph、Toys R Usといった企業様の大志を実現すべくお手伝いをしています。



Requirements - 必要条件

  • Proven work experience as a Financial Specialist, Financial Analyst or relevant role
  • Familiarity with finance and statistical analysis software
  • Understanding of financial and accounting principles
  • An ability to analyze market trends and provide data-based advice
  • Strong analytical skills with attention to detail
  • An ability to clearly present and explain investment information and financial plans
  • BS degree in Finance, Economics or related field
  • Additional qualification a plus

  • ファイナンシャルスペシャリスト、ファイナンシャルアナリスト、または関連する役割としての実務経験
  • 財務および統計分析ソフトウェアに精通
  • 財務および会計原則の理解
  • 市場動向を分析し、データに基づいたアドバイスを提供する能力
  • 細部に注意を払った強力な分析スキル
  • 投資情報と財務計画を明確に提示および説明する能力
  • 金融、経済学または関連分野の学士号
  • 追加の資格があれば尚可

Responsibilities - 責任範囲

  • Analyze financial data to identify our company’s financial status
  • Oversee day-to-day accounting
  • Conduct cost and benchmarking analyses
  • Prepare budget reports
  • Develop financial models, taking legal limitations into consideration
  • Participate in regular audits and recommend corrective financial action plans
  • Design and review fiscal policies
  • Identify investment opportunities
  • Advise our senior management team on financial planning (e.g. acquisitions, fundraising and loans)
  • Create forecast models based on current and past financial results

  • 財務データを分析し、当社の財務状況を特定
  • 日々の会計を監督
  • コストおよびベンチマーク分析の実施
  • 予算報告書の準備
  • 法的制限を考慮した財務モデルを開発
  • 定期監査に参加し、是正的な財政行動計画を推奨
  • 財政政策の設計とレビュー
  • 投資機会を特定
  • 財務計画(買収、資金調達、ローンなど)について上級管理チームに助言
  • 現在および過去の財務結果に基づいて予測モデルを作成


【Working hours】

10:00-19:00 (flextime system)

1 hour including break

* 11: 00-16: 00 (core time)

* 8: 00 ~ 11: 00, 16: 00 ~ 21: 00 (Flexible time)


10:00 ~ 19:00(フレックスタイム制)



*8:00~11:00, 16:00~21:00 (フレキシブルタイム)

[Holidays and holidays]

Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, GW, summer vacation, year-end and New Year holidays, paid leave (unlimited)

(2018: annual holiday 123 days + paid leave)

◇ New Year holidays

◇ Summer vacation




◇ 年末年始休暇

◇ 夏季休暇

[Treatment and benefits]

◇ Full payment of commuting expenses

◇ Fully equipped with social insurance (work accident, employment, composition, health insurance)

◇ No restrictions on taking paid leave

◇ Premium Friday

◇ Free clothing